Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Heritage 2012 and Topps 1963 Side By Side

Each year I like to put the Heritage cards along side the Topps originals to see what kind of a job Topps did. For the most part, Topps matched players by position. There was only one major variation of that.

#15, second basemen Barney and Hubbs.

#380, first baseman Pena and Banks...though Topps has a shortstop insert picture of Banks.

#193, shortstops Castro and Rodgers.

#212, pitchers Marmol and Hobbie. Notice how the '63s list "Pitcher" while the Heritage card just says, "P."

#175, pitchers Garza and Buhl

#81, catchers Soto and Schaffer.

#309, pitchers Dempster and Brewer

#472, outfielders Soriano and Brock.

Billy Williams and Marlon Byrd. My favorite Cub didn't get matched up with respect for the Hall of Famer...but I still wanted to show his card. It makes sense to pair him up with Marlon Byrd.

#113. Wood and Landrum. Here is the card Heritage used for the wrong picture error card. I don't know why they used Kerry Wood, since the original, Don Landrum (with the Santo picture) is an outfielder.

You can see that Topps did a fairly decent job of matching things up. My biggest disappointment is the card that Heritage didn't make...

....the team card. I wonder why they decided to skip them?

Tomorrow I'll take a look at the back of the cards.


  1. There are team cards in the set, but not for all teams -- which has been an annoying practice in Heritage for awhile.

  2. I can't figure out if there's a pattern to listing the position as "P" or "Pitcher". For the first three series there seem to be more "Pitcher", Series 4-6, mostly "P", and Series 7, "Pitcher" comes back. Odd.

  3. They also did Managers cards for some teams and not others.

  4. I can give Topps a pass with no Cubs manager card since they didn't have one in ' was the College of Coaches era. The lack of a team card puzzles me.