Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Do They Keep Messing Up?

Really, Topps?

Last week Becket had some preview pictures of 2012 Heritage. There isn't much surprise with the base set, since we all know what the 1963 set looks like. But there were some pictures of the different insert sets, and this one caught my eye.

Mr. Cub has been in several of the Flashback sets.
He wasn't included last year, but he's back in 2012. The card is called Let's Hit 3! I'm guessing that the back tells about Ernie hitting three home runs against the Dodgers at Wrigley Field on June 9 (and the Cubs still lost the game!) That's all well and good. So what is messed up?

Well, for starters, the picture on the card is of Shea Stadium. In 1963, Shea Stadium looked like....

....this. The Mets were still playing in the Polo Grounds in 1963. Shea opened in 1964. So did Topps just mess up by grabbing a photo from the '64 file instead of the '63?

Nope...they really messed up. The picture on the card is from 1969. You can see a little of the Baseball Centennial patch on Ernie's right sleeve.

So, let's commemorate an event from 1963 that took place at Wrigley Field with a picture from 1969 taken in New York. That, my friends, is messed up.

But here's what bothers me more. It is a great looking picture of Ernie. But in 1970, here is what Topps put on his card...

...taken at Shea in 1969, this odd looking pose, with his face not even looking at the camera. I bet the two pictures were taken at the same shoot; the blue sleeves match. That '70 card would have looked so much better with the Heritage picture in it.

Some day Topps will care about matching the card with the picture; just not in 2012 apparently.


  1. Licensing photos costs money. That's probably why we keep seeing the same ones, over and over again, on these retired legends cards.

    I've gotten to the point where I wish Topps would stick to current players only in their sets.

    1. Man, don't let 30 Year old Cardboard hear you say that!

  2. WW,

    Feel free to appropriate a label from my blogs named "That's just Topps being Topps".