Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two New Schedules, 50 Years Apart

I've got two new schedules for my collection, and they are only separated by 50 years!

This is the Cubs 1962 schedule. I've had this on in a saved ebay search for over two years. My collection begins with 1961, the year I was born. But I was hadn't able to come up with a '62 schedule. One finally showed up on ebay a couple weeks ago and I set my sniper at a higher price than usual...I didn't want this to get away.

I was lucky enough to get it for a better price than some of my other schedules from the '60s. And now I can delete the saved search.

The back of the schedule has an ad for Silvercup bread. They are also on the '61 and '63 schedules. Wonderbread got the back in '64 and '65, and then Burney Bros. had the next two years. In 1968, a schedule sponsor more familiar to me took over the back, Old Style. All the schedules I had as a kid had Old Style ads on the back.

Here is the Cubs schedule of games for 1962. This was an expansion year, as the Mets and Colt '45s joined the National League. This was also the year the season expanded by eight games to the now familiar 162 games. You can see that the Cubs played the Colts in Houston on April 10 for the franchises first game ever. And how did that game turn out? The Colts clobbered the Cubs 11-2.

One other interesting tidbit: According to the schedule, the Cubs didn't play any away games in 1962. Instead, they played "abroad."That's unusual terminology that I never noticed before. I went back and checked the 1961 schedule and it too uses "abroad." So do the schedules in the '58-'60 roster books. They became "away" games on the '63 schedule.

Here is my other new schedule, the Cubs 2012 version. I got this by emailing a request to the Cubs. Within four days I got a package with 10 schedules and several stickers, plus a handwritten note from the Cubs Ambassadors. Nice touch.

Its interesting, but understandable that they put manager Dale Sveum on the front. Most of the name players (Lee, Zambrano, Ramirez) are gone.

Starlin Castro was on this early version that I got back in September, but with his offseason allegations of misconduct, he disappeared and the new manager took his place.

Its the third time a manager has been on a schedule....

...Jim Frey was on the 1986 version (he was #8, Keith Moreland, who replaced Ron Santo in the radio booth is #6))...

....and the 2003 schedule had Dusty.

With these two additions, I'm up to 121 different schedules from 1961 - 2012. I'm looking for two more from 2012, the WGN TV and WGN radio schedules. If anyone in the Chicago area finds one at a store and can grab a couple for me, I'd be most grateful!

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  1. On an unrelated topic, this year's season tickets for the Cubs have just arrived. Each one features an old Cub player's baseball card. Opening Day has an Ernie Banks card. I remember seeing a 1967 Randy Hundley and a 1966 Glenn Beckert, just to name a few (I don't have a full season plan).

    This year's tickets (81 games plus blank tickets) might become collectible.