Monday, March 5, 2012

Some 2012 Ryno

I've been able to keep strong and not chase after all the different inserts from the 2012 set. After a couple years of patches, gloves, and other assorted items, I've pretty much stayed away from the 2012 versions. But...

...I did pick up a couple for the Sandberg collection.

This would be the 2012 version of the bat (2010) and glove (2012) cards. These are numbered to 736. That seems like an unusual number to limit to; anyone know the significance of 736? The cards are made very thick to handle the fake ring piece; I'm glad this ends up in a box instead of a sheet. Sandberg is the only Cub on the Retired Rings checklist.

Instead of the hat logos that Topps has given us the past two years, this year we've got Historical Stitches. That's a really large piece of flannel on the card. The card back says the patch is stitching designed to replicate his vintage jersey. But Topps forgot that Sandberg never played in the flannel era. Those uniforms disappeared in the early 1970s, ten years before Ryno made his debut. Ryno was the only Cub in this set, too. Any of the '69 Cubs would have been a better choice, since they all wore flannel. How about new Hall of Famer Ron Santo?

This is the Sandberg Gold Rush wrapper redemption card. It takes 50 wax wrappers to get a five-pack of these. I got my off ebay for only a couple bucks. Starlin Castro is the other Cub on the list, but I'm not bothering to get his card.

These three cards up the total of my modest little Sandberg collection to 39 cards. However, I've also got some Sandberg cards in the team sets. Actually, some is not the appropriate word. It's more like a ton. There are 430 Sandberg cards in the team sets, for a total of 469 Ryno cards. That's the most of any player I've got.


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  2. Just curious; what size box are you using for your Sandberg ring? I pulled the Ruth ring from a jumbo box and my card shop didn't have a top loader thick enough for it.

  3. Sorry I wasn't very clear about the box. I have all my player collection cards in a 600 count box. I put the ring card in a penny sleeve (a tight fit) and the card just goes in the box with all the other Banks/Dawson/Sandberg/Williams/Barney cards.

  4. Thanks for the info! After reading your site for a while you've inspired me to start my own card blog. If you have a chance let me know what you think:


  5. I am not a 'Sandberg-Guy' but that retired rings card is very nice. Would love to see one of 'The Hawk'!!!