Saturday, April 11, 2015

2015 Factory Cubs Team Set

For the tenth consecutive season Topps has produced factory team sets of each of the  30 teams.  For the tenth consecutive season I've picked up the Cubs set.  As they have since 2010, the set has 17 cards.  This year all 17 cards are players; there is no card for Wrigley Field.  I'm good with that.  I'd rather have a card of a player than of a ballpark.

Of the 17 Cubs, seven also have cards in series one.




The picture on their cards are identical to the base card. Some years there have been different pictures on the factory cards, but not this year.  In fact, the only difference on the two fronts is that the factory cards have a printed Topps logo instead of the foil logo on the base cards.


Some of the cards have the logo moved to the other side of the card.  In fact, on Soler's card both the Topps and rookie logos switched sides.  Weird.

The other ten cards in the factory set give us a preview of Series Two.






I'm going to guess that Lester's card in Series Two will have a spring training shot of him in action instead of the press conference picture.  I also hope that the cards for Fowler and Montero in Series Two have spring pictures.  Both of the factory cards have photoshop problems.  I'll get into the details on Monday.


  1. I must say, Id much rather have a press conference shot like the Lester than a photoshop mish mash. I love the photo choice for Coghlan and I have a soft spot in my heart for the "Cuba" jersey being sported by Wada. I'll have to go pick this set up myself.

  2. I like the Lester as well. It's certainly unusual and since he was a big free agent acquisition it seems appropriate.