Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Gypsy Queen Minis

Several different brands have mini parallels, but Gypsy Queen is the only one that I collect.  Simple reason -- GQ came out after I had restarted my collection and I was able to get the minis right from the start.

Since the proportions of the mini cards are different from the base, the cropping on these is always a little tighter.  No biggie.





But the picture variations for the minis has gotten a little ridiculous.  That's a biggie.

Of the eight Cubs, five have a variation.  I suppose its nice that the variations aren't too hard to get.  It's just kind of a hassle to have to hunt so many more cards.

Here are the variations on the left, with the base mini on the right.






The Baez variation is the oddest.  All of the others have a completely different picture.  Baez just has a different crop.  Wonder why they did that?

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  1. Is there a color variation to the bordering, like a "retail" version as to why some are that burgundy color and others are the greyish color? I didn't realize there were so many photo variations, seems obnoxious.