Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Knew This Day Would Come

I'd been able to escape it for a while.

He was ignored by Series One  Heritage and Donruss also passed him over.

It wasn't a lock that he would even make the team out of spring training.  And there's speculation that he's on the roster for just a few weeks, until the team needs a five man rotation instead of four with all the early-season off days.

But the folks at OYO have a different idea.

They have him on the team.  They've made another little figure.

It looks so wrong.  But there it is. The first product that shows Darwin Barney in the wrong blue.

And now the rubber meet the road.  Now it's decision time.

Am I a Darwin Barney collector or a Darwin Barney Cubs collector?

Ever since he was traded I was sure that I was just a Barney Cubs collector. But now that there is an actual Barney Dodger product, I'm starting to waffle.

And  I already have the other three Cubs OYO versions of him.

Do I cave?  Should I buy the Dodger Darwin?


I can't do it.  I can't start mingling in impure items into a pure Cubs collection!

For now...


  1. Don't give in! Stay strong, and stay a Cubs collector!

  2. With the prices they charge for those puny things, you should draw the line at just cards. It's not like the old Kenner Starting Linuep figures that came with their own unique cards of the player in the package either.

  3. I did pick up some Tony Campana minor league cards after he left the Cubs but he hasn't had a Major League issue since. And some Phillie Ryne Sandberg cards have found their way into my collection, both as a player and manager.