Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015 Museum Mr. Cub

The 2015 edition of Topps Museum came out in early April.  Each pack of five cards contains either a relic or an autograph.  A four-pack box nets you a Canvas Collection insert, a jumbo relic. a quad relic, an autograph, and an autographed relic.  And all that for the low-low price of $199.

Twenty cards for 200 bucks is not for me.  Cherry-picking for my player collection is more my speed.   Ernie Banks is the only pc guy on the 100 player checklist so I had a fairly easy task.

I picked up his base card and the blue parallel, which was /99.  I love the blue parallels when they are paired with a picture of the player in the Cubs home uniform.  All that blue looks fantastic!

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