Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sandberg Colla

No, Sandberg Colla is not a new soft drink.

Southern California photographer Barry Colla began releasing 12-card single player card sets in 1990.  His 1991 releases included Ryne Sandberg and I've got his twelve cards today.

There were 15,000 of the Sandberg sets made and they can be found today for a pretty reasonable price.  I think I paid about five bucks for mine.

The cards came in this nifty cardboard box. Mine got a bit mangled because the box is big enough to hold 20-25 cards.  With only 12 inside, there was too much empty space and the box got crushed a bit.  It wasn't a big deal since I won't be keeping the cards in the box anyway.


It's nice that all the pictures were taken at the Friendly Confines. It looks like the 10th and 11th cards have pictures from the Home Run Derby at the 1990 All-Star game at Wrigley Field.  Sandberg is batting but not wearing a helmet.  There are also a bunch of players in American League uniforms sitting along the wall.  

Sandberg actually won the derby that year, so yeah Ryno!


  1. I love the shots on the batting practice and all star game cards; some fresh angles/settings never hurt, especially when the set is focused on one person.

  2. The second to last card's photo card was also used in the regular card of Sandberg in the 1991 Fleer Set. It is a pretty cool image of Ryno.