Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Gypsy Queen Variation

Yesterday I showed the GQ minis and they variations.  Today I've got the base set variations.

While the mini variations were easy to find, and cheap too, that was not true for the base set.

Javier Baez was the only Cub with a second card.  It was much hard to find and harder on the WW Wallet, too.  As of Monday night, there were just four sold on Ebay plus another active listing.  Compare that to the seven active listings for the mini variation plus another 13 that have been sold and you can see that the base is a harder pull.

I bought mine off of Ebay, sort of.  Brentandbecca listed one, but I emailed Brent and was able to make an off-line deal for the card.  He didn't have to pay the Ebay fees and I saved a few dollars.  Win Win.

Here's the variation.  All of the second photos show some sort of finger pointing or celebration.

Baez is celebrating a home run he hit against the Mets at Citi Field on August 18.


Here are both his base and the variation.


Now take another look at his two mini cards.  Why wasn't the celebration used on the mini card?

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