Friday, April 17, 2015

Cubs Roster Books 1968 - 1981

Today I've got the second of four looks at the Cubs media guides.  Today's run, from 1968 - 1981, are all of the larger sized books during the Wrigley ownership.

In 1968 the roster book grew two inches taller, going from 4½" x 7" to 4½" x 9".  The extra space in the book meant larger write-ups on some of the players.  But otherwise, the format of the books remained identical to the smaller versions.

Something else that remained identical is that the cover of each of these books was the same design on the pocket schedules.  There was a definite symmetry between the two.  I guess that makes sense.  Why create multiple designs?

Another continuing feature from the previous books is the color scheme.  It is the exact same blue, red, and white.  And many years also continued the geometric theme.

So basically, for over twenty years, the Cubs had the same color and theme on the roster books.  When something works, why change it?.

I'm going to show the roster book covers, along with the schedule from the year so you can see how the two complimented each other:















One other consistency is on the back of the book.  Every single one, from 1958 - 1981, has a Coke ad.  Over the 24 years, there were just six basic ad designs.  The slogans changed but just six pictures were used

Take a look at the back covers...

1958 - 1961

A one-year wonder, 1962

1963 - 1967

A new back with the larger-sized books, 1968-1969

This design was on every single book from the '70s

New decade, new picture, 1980-1981

The 1981 season was the final under Wrigley ownership.  When the Trib took over, changes were made to many things, including the roster books.  More on that tomorrow.

I'll close with a tile of today's roster books

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