Friday, April 24, 2015

Why Were These Made....Who Would Buy Them??

The resurrected Leaf brand has been around for a few years now.  They do their best with their unlicensed products.  But sometimes, I see what they've made and I'm just left scratching my head.

Case in point....these.

These are cut signature cards, 1 of 1.  I guess they get away with the logos since they are using cut materials.

But why on earth would anyone want to buy these two cards, especially at the BIN price of $89.99??

The autographs came from the Perez Steele postcard sets that were put out in the '80s and 90's. (read more about them here).  Anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 of each were made.  It seems like hundreds were autographed too.  You can pick up a signed card of either of these for $10 - $20 each.  Graded versions can be found for around $30.

So why would Leaf take perfectly good postcards and cut them up?  And why would anyone want to buy a cut up postcard when you could just as easily buy the real deal, at a lower price?


  1. I might be mistaken but I think this is just one card, front and back.

    And I'm not justifying because I think it's hideous myself, but maybe the postcards weren't perfectly good? Maybe somebody thought this would look better than a pair of postcards with bent corners/damaged edges? I've seen this happen with autographed ticket stubs in the custom card forums I used to go to.

    But slap two HOFers and a 1/1 label on something and the seller will take what it can get.

  2. Good to hear from you, Matt! Your right, it is one card. I just assumed two.

  3. I agree WW. They (someone) did that a lot with those cheap signed Hillshire Farms cards as well. Why not buy the actual card in the first place (for less money). Some aspects of collecting get stupid.

  4. Sad thing is... if they make it... someone will collect it. I pity the fool who drops $89.99 on this card. However... I'd probably pay up to $10 for it and put it in my Cardfoolery HOF.