Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cubs Media Guides 1982 - 1999

The 1982 season was the Cubs' first full season under Tribune ownership and changes were everywhere.  GM Dallas Green took over and brought in a new manager (Lee Elia) and several new players.  There was a lot of turnover in the front office too.

Changes even came to the roster book.... it was dumped!

The Cubs now had a News Media  Guide.  The dimensions of the book was the same as the old roster  books, but the number of pages went way up, from 72 in the last roster book to 116 in the '82 media guide.  The cover also saw a change too.  The traditional blue, red, white geometric-designed cover was gone.  It was replaced by a little bit of everything.

Over the next few years the number of pages continued to go up as more and more information was added.  By the last year of this run, 1999, the book had a whopping 320 pages.










As you can see, the covers had a variety of design elements.  Some years it was players, other years Wrigley Field, and others used something else.  Ryne Sandberg was the media guide player king, showing up on four covers ('85, '86, 91, and 94).  

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