Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Can't Stop Collecting 'Em

My palate has suffered since I moved from Chicago to Michigan.  I no longer get to enjoy Chicago style hot dogs, Italian Beef sandwiches, thin crust pizza cut into squares, Canfield's 50/50, and these,

Jay's Potato Chips.

While I've always enjoyed eating them, I didn't realize that in 1986 I had a chance to collect them.

Well, not them potato chips, but them Cubs discs.  Thirty years later, I've got 'em.

The discs were made by MSA, the same company that did all the different discs in the late 1970s.  Like the older discs, these too were licensed by the players but not the teams, so the logos have all been removed.  The discs were found in specially marked boxes of Jays Potato Chips.  

The entire Jays set is made up of 20 discs with players from the Cubs, Sox, and Brewers.  There are seven Cubs, seven White Sox, and six Brewers.  The seven Cubs were all the main guys of the '86 team.

Jay's was really into baseball at this time.  They had an ad on the front of the Cubs scorecard for a seven year run, from 1985 - 1991.

The discs didn't have as long a run.  They were one and done.


  1. Jays Potato Chips in the 1980s were the best potato chips on the planet -- at least in my Southeastern Wisconsin-based opinion! And these discs...man I loved getting those from the chip bags.

  2. It's funny, I just featured my Yount Jay's disc on the Yount Collector. And yep I remember Jays with my sandwiches growing up.

  3. Grew up eating Jays Potato Chios as a kid in Portage. Good chips.

  4. Grew up eating Jays Potato Chios as a kid in Portage. Good chips.

  5. Eating a Chicago style hot dog (in Chicago) w/ a bag of Jays Potato Chips is definitely on my bucket list.

  6. As someone who moved to Chicago a few years ago - I've got to agree on the Italian Beef. I'd be sad to leave here just because of the food. Though I'd probably live longer :)