Thursday, April 2, 2015

Following My Rule, Lester Style

My relics collection rule is to have one of any player that had a relic issued during a season they played for the Cubs and the card shows them as a Cub.

The recent release of Donruss gave me the chance to check a new Cub off the list, big-money pitcher Jon Lester.

I know that the card is logoless.

I know that the jersey is not a Cubs jersey.

I know that this card fits within my rule and came pretty cheaply.

I know that if Topps releases any relic cards  for Lester, they will be much more expensive.

I know that I might upgrade to a Topps card someday, but for now I've got Lester covered.

I have no idea what this guarantee from Panini means.

Lester makes relic #69 that meets the rule.  Here they are, the top 35 are horizontal and the bottom 34 go vertical.

1 comment:

  1. That's a fantastic collection. Way to get a Lester on the cheap! I wish the Cubs could have done the same. That contract is HUGE!