Monday, April 20, 2015

One Last Look At All the Media Guides

Today I'm finishing my look at all the Cubs Roster Books / Media Guides.  I've put together a tile of the entire run, from 1958 through 2015.

Making the tile presented a few problems.  When I make a tile, I try to keep things the dimensions correct.  That got complicated by the different sized books, causing me to
split things a little. The first ten are the smallest books. so they are one tile.  That explains all the empty space at the end of row two.

The next section would be all the 9" books. There are 32 of them.  In 2000, the books got wider.  To keep the proportions the same, I switched from eight books per row (4.5" x 8 = 36") to six books (6" x 6 = 36").  By doing this, all of the books are in correct proportion and you can see the smaller and then longer, and wider books.

Once I had all the math figured out, it was easy to make the tile.

Enjoy the look at the books!

Back to cards tomorrow.

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  1. I still prefer the scorecards because of the artwork but it's a mighty impressive collection.