Thursday, April 30, 2015

Five Years of Gypsy Queen

Let's take a look at the five year run of Gypsy Queen.  With the Cubs being in rebuilding mode that entire span, only one Cub has been in all five sets, Starlin Castro.

I'll use his cards to look at the designs over the years

The design from the first year was based on the original 1887 Gypsy Queen cards.


Starting in 2012, Topps had to come up with something that was reminiscent of the original design but also not a duplicate.  

They've settled into a template with the Gypsy Queen name on the card, plus some funky border design.  The odd thing with that is the originals had a very plain border, just a solid color.  But now we expect that a GQ border will have some weird design element. 

The colors of the border all seem to make use of a washed out color.  Its never a bright and bold color.  Instead, they use somethings soft and understated.

Players have never had a first name on the front of the card.  It's always their last name followed by their first initial.  Positions have never been listed.  We just get their name and team.  Most years the name had been in a box.

So in 11½ months you can expect another year of GQ, with the GQ name in a flourishing style, a soft colored border, and flowery design elements in the corners of the card.  You'll also get the players last name, first initial, and team name.


  1. Ugly, ugly set. Started OKish, but after ... yeesh.

  2. The jarring thing to me about the Gypsy Queen sets are the super HD filter on the photography. It's an odd juxtaposition of a border that supposed to be "old-timey" and the image that is taking PEDs. I like the border of the 2015 set, though I'm still not sold on the hyper saturated high contrast photos.

  3. I think a better thing to think about is whether there will be room for Castro to continue his streak in the 2016 set. Maybe I'm thinking from a flagship perspective, but hopefully next year's set will include guys like Bryant, Russell, Arrieta and Hammell. That calls for fresh blood and/or an increased team set size. Sounds like a win/win to me!