Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Only And Only 2015 Billy Williams Card...Sort Of

So far this year we've seen the release of Topps 2015 series one, Heritage, Opening Day, and Tribute.  Most of the sets feature retired players, either in the base set or in the inserts.

And none of the sets are showing much love from my favorite player, Billy Williams.  He wasn't included in a single set or insert set. Banks, Sandberg, Dawson, yes; but Billy has been given a resounding no.

The closest that I was able to come to getting a 2015 Billy Williams cards was this...

...Original buyback card.

Here's a better look at the Original stamp.

The buyback cards fall two per hobby box. There is no checklist for these.  It looks like they just added a random assortment of cards from random years.    The condition of the cards wasn't much of an issue for Topps.  Mine has a crease and a dinged corner.

But it's the best I can do to add a 2015 Billy Williams card to his player collection; a 43-year-old card.

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  1. Have you seen any buy back cards in the 80s? I would love to add a Sandberg to my collection. My thought is there isn't any out there, because 60s and 70s vintage is more alluring to collectors than 80s junk wax.