Monday, April 27, 2015

Cubs Cards From the Corner

Pat from Hot Corner Cards has been mailing goodies all over the blogosphere and I was the recent recipient of a Cubbie PWE.  Here's what he sent:

Big Daddy from 2001 archives.  I really like the 1972 pullover road unis with the centered number.  This Uniwatch article offers one reason why the numbers were centered.... a manufacturer's error.

1990 Baseball Card Magazine Mark Grace.  I love the fact that in 1990 a magazine could completely rip off a Topps design.  I've actually had these magazine retro cards on my radar for a while.  I've put together a checklist but haven't bought any of the cards.... yet.

This oddball is from a 1989 dice game.  The card lists no year, no company, and no licensing.  Walton was one of ten cards in this version of the game.  There was a bigger set from 1989 (with Mark Grace included) and another ten card set (with two Walton and two Dwight Smith cards).  You can read more about the sets here.

Three interesting cards.... thanks Pat!

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