Wednesday, June 10, 2015

1971 Billy Williams Bazooka Complete Panel

I knocked another one off of the Billy Williams master list.

This is the 1971 Bazooka complete panel  Billy is surrounded by American League stars.

Theses Bazooka cards are not going to be easy to get.  Right now I still need eight others.  Making things more difficult is that the master list includes both the individual card and the complete panel.  Some of the mid-late '60 cards are difficult to find.  The full panels are next to impossible and very expensive.  I need four cards and four panels...and lots of cash.

I didn't pay much for this '71 panel.  You can see that the Fregosi card has some tape on it.  Luckily Billy escaped tape-free.

By adding the panel, my Billy collection is 60% complete.

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  1. You're fortunate that someone didn't cut this up; that looks like the Williams would grade quite well if cut properly.