Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wrapped Up the Wildest Days and Plays

I've been working on the Cubs cards from the 1973 and 1974 Fleer sets.  Last week I shared that I finished 1973's Fantastic Feats.  Today I happy to report that I've got the 1974 set, Baseballs Wildest Days and Plays done, too.

There were just three cards in the set that I'd consider to be Cubs cards.  The first two I grabbed back in December with no problem.  

 Poor Frank Chance had a painful day and the Cubs and Phillies had a crazy day.

But the third card, #13, proved to be a real pain.  Every day I'd search Ebay, COMC, and Beckett.  I bookmarked the search so it was just three quick daily clicks.  And each day I'd come up empty.  For nearly six months the cards was nowhere to be found.

I finally got one, but not the easy way.  I found an auction that listed a ten card lot and my missing #13 was in the lot.  Since this was the first time I saw one, I decided I'd go after the lot.  I wasn't sure when a single would ever show up, so I figured I needed to act now.  Luckily for me the lot had almost no bidding and I got all ten cards for $5.54.

Here is the elusive #13:

Poor Jimmy St. Vrain ran to third instead of first.

The root of his problem was that he was a lefty that batted right handed.  I'm a lefty and I bat right handed, too.  Like him, I wasn't much of a hitter.

Unlike him, I know which base is first base....I made outs there all the time!


  1. I had no idea that Jim St. Vrain (kind of) had himself a modern baseball card - I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for that one. Hopefully another one shows up sometime!

  2. I love the concept; wouldn't mind seeing a modern set try to recreate these. I'd also love to see modern sets reintroduce cartoons on the backs of cards