Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Real Pin

Last week I wrote about a bad purchase I made.  I bought a reprint of the 1969 MLBPA pin of Billy Williams.  I've got the problem fixed.

Here is the real deal...

...with the telltale "Winona, Minn" on the back of the pin.

What was most surprising to me, with both the fake and real pins, was how small it is.

Here is the pin next to a baseball card.  Pretty tiny, isn't it.

I'm now up to 67% of the PSA Master List, 85/127.


  1. I really like these pins. I've collected both the 69's and the 83's. Fortunately as a Redsox collector the checklist is different.for each year. Have to keep an eye on that trademark

  2. I have the 69 Aaron, the trademark on mine says: 1969 MLBPA MFG IN 11 CA.

    I've had it a long time, not sure if it is real now.