Friday, June 5, 2015

Oh Thank Heaven, the End

After a two year haitus, the 7-11 coins returned in 1991 with some changes.

First, the number of regions was way up, to eight different sets.  The eight are Atlantic, Florida, Mid-East, Northern California, Southern California, Northeast, Northwest, and Texas.

A second change is that the number of coins per region dropped from 16 to 15.  I'm not sure why that would have happened.  A printing / layout reason perhaps?

A third difference is that the 1992 coins were made by Score and have the Score logo on the back.  Magic motion was a Score thing, so their involvement makes sense.

These are the three Cubs coins from the Mid-Atlantic region.  For some unknown reason, the Sandberg disc was very hard to track down.  It took nearly five months after getting all the other Cubs to track down the Sandberg disc.  Ryno was also included in two other regions, but those discs were easy to find:

As a native of Washington State, it makes sense to include him in the Northwest set.

Putting him into the Texas set makes no sense at all.  There are no Sandberg-Texas connections that I am aware of.

After a year with eight sets and 90 coins, 7-11 really scaled things back in 1992.  There was just one national set with 26 coins.

Ryno was the lone Cubs to make the set.

Things got scaled back even further between 1993 and 1999..... no coins were made.  They made a one-year comeback in 2000.  As in 1992, there was just one national set though 30 coins were made.  The manufacturer changed too, with Pacific taking over.

Just one Cub made the set and it wasn't Sammy Sosa.  Mark Grace was the man.  This was the era of Sammy-mania, so it seems odd that he was left out in favor of Grace.

We haven't seen another coin set since the 2000 version.  I'd have to thing that if they haven't done it in 15 years, we may never again see new 7-11 coins.

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  1. Another food issue that bit the dust. We need gas station and convenience store giveaways!