Monday, June 22, 2015

Billy Gold and Silver

I'm taking a short break from the vintage Billy cards and instead have a couple more from 2015.

Billy was included in the 2015 Archives set.  The base set has three parallels and I've picked up two of the three.  The missing is the black which is 1/1.  I don't expect to ever even see it let alone buy it.

More in my price range is the...

...silver, which is /199.  I got mine for 99¢.

The gold parallels are /50 and I paid $6.50.

I suppose it's supply and demand, but why did these go for so much less than the SSSSSSPs in the base set.  The short prints have a run of about 500.  My gold Billy is ten times as scarce but wasn't ten times more expensive.


  1. The prices of the SSSSSSPs are out of control. There's definitely an inverse relationship between the quantity and price of he SPs when compared to the gold parallels. So very frustrating.

  2. ....which is why I am so glad the number of White Sox in the SPs is a total of zero. For once, I am happy that Topps is crapping on my team.

  3. All a part of Archives' plan to make set collectors go gradually insane.