Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Same Photo Shoot?

I've been looking more carefully at my Billy Williams Topps cards and got to wondering....


....are these two from the same photo shoot?  Its the same ballpark, Wrigley Field.  The angles match pretty closely.  The sleeve length on the blue shirts match too.  I'm going with yes, they're both from the same shoot.

Then I thought I'd keep going.


The '63 and '64 cards both show Billy in a road uniform.  But the '63 picture is cropped pretty tightly, so there isn't much else to compare.

Then again.  There is quite a lot to compare:


Yes, I'd say they are both from the same photo shoot, since Topps re-used the '63 insert on the '64 card!


  1. For as much as we complain now about how Topps reuses photos of players from year to year in their offshoot products, they've been guilty of it all along! I noticed it just this morning on a stack of my Ernie Banks cards - 68 and 69 use the exact same photo, etc.
    How they couldn't find photographers - even in spring training - to get updated shots is beyond me being baseball was as popular as it was in the 50s, 60s and 70s

  2. I seem to recall shots used as much as five or six years later on 1960's cards. I guess our expectations are too high.