Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 Archives Cubs Team Set*

Stupid Topps.

Stupid Asterisk.

I was perfectly content to have the five card Cubs team set added to my collection.  Sure, there were 300 cards in the complete set and five for the Cubs is just half of what it should be.  But that's OK.

Then at the last minute Topps adds 30 short print cards to the set.  And not just short print, but SSSSSP, as in one per 70 packs, only about 500 of each card available.

And to pile it on, five of the 30 SSSSSSPs are Cubs.

Go figure.

The Cubs get not even 2% of the base set, but 17% of the SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPs.

Stupid Topps.

I'm not going to consider the SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPs to be part of the team set.  They are stupid last-minute add-ons.  Some my team set is my team set*

Oh, and look who they put into the regular base set:

Billy Williams.  Nice.

Re-using a picture from last year's Ginter.

Stupid Topps.

The other four Cubs:


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  1. Yeah. So very not cool on Topps part. I am more than disgruntled about the whole SP thing.