Monday, June 29, 2015

1972 Billy Williams Cubs Team Photo

The PSA master list includes Cubs issued team photos from 1969 and 1972.  The pictures were sold as a pack with all of the team's players and were only available at Wrigley Field.  The 1969 version included 12 players and sold for 35¢.  Inflation didn't affect these because the 1972 set sold for the same price.

The pictures came of pretty flimsy paper, not on card stock, that measured 4¼" x 7". They're also not that great to look at since they are black and white.  There is no printing on them anywhere, so I guess the only way to tell the year of issue is by the photograph.

This is the 1972 photo.

Just to be safe, I did some poking around ebay before I bought the photo.  I found this..

...PSA version.  It's the same as mine.

With one more added, I'm up to 68% of the PSA Master List, 86/127

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