Thursday, June 11, 2015

More For the Billy PC

Mr. Mailman brought me two more Billy Williams items yesterday.

I use the word items because they aren't baseball cards.  In fact, while I'm at 61% complete on the Billy Williams PSA master list, many of the items I've got left aren't true baseball cards.  There are pins, stamps, stickers, tatoos, and items from packages.

And of the baseball cards that I'm still hunting, most of those are parallels, from O Pee Chee or the Venezuelan sets.

Up first is this oversized card from Exhibit Supply Company.  Billy has two versions, the blank back and the stats on back card.  This is the blank back, since I already had the stats card.  The fronts of both are the same, but duh, the backs kinda let you know if you've got the stats back or plain.

Up next is this...

....postcard.  In 1966 H.F. Gardner put our a postcard set that featured six famous athletes born in Alabama.  Whistler native Billy Williams was one of the six.

The back includes a short bio.

The picture on the front is new to me.  It's never been on any Topps card, past or present, as far as I know.  I'd love for Topps to get the rights to it and use it on a Billy card.

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  1. Great shot of Billy and Wrigley Field in more innocent times. First game tonight with all the bleachers finished. I really don't like the way the jumbotron (or whatever they call it) looms over the left field bleachers. Maybe it looks better in person.