Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rats...Bought A Re-Print

The PSA Master List for Billy Williams includes a 1969 Players Association Pin.

So, I go to ebay and search for Billy Williams Pin.  I find the 1969 pin and buy one.  Just five bucks with free shipping.

The pin comes in the mail and all is well.

I start writing the post and I go to the Standard Catalog for a little more info on the pins.

I got some information I wish I had before I bought the pin.

Turns out that reprints of the pins were made in the early '80s. They are nearly identical to the originals.  Nearly.

The back of the 1969 pins list the location of the printer, Winona, Minnesota, while the reprints left that out.  I grab my pin and look on the back.

No Winona.  A reprint.  Rats.

I look into getting a refund for my pin, but the cost to send it back would mean I'd only be up a couple bucks.  I guess I'll keep the pin.

Lesson learned.

Find out all you can about the oddballs before you buy.

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