Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Oh Thank Heaven They Are Now Cubs!

Four of my 1996 Seven Eleven Cubs were coin that had three different players per coin. Two of the coins just didn't scan well.

It is wrong that my scans of Cubs players should include two White Sox.

I spend some time this weekend trying to fix this abomination.  My scanner wouldn't cooperate.  I guess I really shouldn't blame the scanner.  The issues is with the magic motion technology.  The Cubs players are visible when the coin is held at an angle.  When the coin is flat, you see bad stuff.

Since the scanner wouldn't work, I had to resort to the camera.  I set the coins down flat and then held the camera at an angle.

Cubbies!  The Lee Smith coin worked out at a fairly slight angle.  The coin looks almost round. For Dunston, I really had to tilt the camera.  The coin ended up looking like an oval instead of round.  

But I rather have a Cubs oval than a round White Sox.

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