Friday, June 12, 2015

The Complete H.F. Gardner Postcard Set

Yesterday I showed the Billy Williams postcard from H.F. Gardner.  I was intrigued by the set and decided to do some further digging.

The Standard Catalog attributes the set to Scenic South Card Company as they are mentioned on some.  My Billy postcard only notes that the color was by H. F. Gardner.

No date is given on the cards but the catalog gives them the date of 1966 because the Atlanta Braves are mentioned on the backs of some and the Braves moved south in 1966.  I'll have more on the date further in the post.

There are five postcards that feature six Alabama-born athletes.

Jesse Owen would be the most famous of the group.


Lee Maye and Bill Bruton are the least famous.

The Aaron brothers were featured on one card.

And then there is Billy Williams.

All of the cards have a Chicago connection.  Jesse Owens lived in Chicago and all of the baseball player pictures were taken in Chicago.

Now back to the date of these. As I said earlier, the Standard Catalog gives them the date of 1966 because Atlanta is mentioned.  I found that a bit odd since the two cards with Braves show them with Milwaukee hats.

Now look at the backs of the two cards:

They both mention Atlanta, not Milwaukee. 

Also, Lee Maye was traded by the Milwaukee Braves in May, 1965. 

Unless there are different, updated versions, it seems to me the catalog should date them as being from 1965, not 1966.

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