Wednesday, June 17, 2015

End of the Line For Darwin Barney?

On Friday the Dodgers designated Darwin Barney for reassignment.  He spent the first week of the season with the Dodgers, but since then has been in AAA Oklahoma City.  He's hitting only .220 and has been battling injuries.  This might be it for him.

So far no team has claimed him.  He's due over $1.5 million this year, so it seems unlikely anyone would want to take on that much salary.  If he goes unclaimed, the Dodgers could keep him in AAA as cheap insurance.  Otherwise, this might be it for him.

When the Cubs traded him  I made the decision to not get anything that would show him in the uniform of another team.  I wasn't interested in chasing more items over the next several years that don't show him in Cubbie blue.  I'm reconsidering that decision.  It doesn't look like the chase will last several years

As of now, there is only one thing out there that shows him as a Dodger...

...this OYO mini figure.

This could be the final Barney collectible.  I may have to get it.


  1. I must admit, I thought he'd be a key part of the Cubs for several years - it's a shame his bat completely disappeared over the last few seasons.

  2. #30 on the OYO figure? That just looks weird.