Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oh Thank Heaven Part 2

1987 was the watershed year for the Cubs 7-11 coins.  From 1984 - 1986 there were a total of nine coins.  By itself, 1987 added 12 more.

First, the number of regional sets dropped again by one, down to three.  There is the East, Mid-Atlantic, and West, with 16 coins in each set. The West was just Dodgers and Angels.  The Cubs were in the Mid-Atlantic set and four Cubs made the list:

Notice how the coins are back to featuring just one player.

In addition to the three regional sets, 7-11 also put out two city-specific sets, one for Detroit and one for Chicago.  Making nice, the 16-coin Chicago set was split evenly between the Cubs and Sox.   Of the eight Cubs, four were in the Mid-Atlantic set.  The same three magic motion pictures were used.  The only difference is the color of the coin. The Chicago set used is red while the Mid-Atlantic was blue

The 7-11 coins disappeared after 1987 and wouldn't be back until 1991.  I'll pick up there tomorrow.

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