Saturday, December 19, 2015

2 out of 12...Yikes

When the Cubs traded Starlin Castro, the Cubs 2015 calendar took another hit.  Of the twelve players featured, only two are still with the team. about turning over the roster!

Rizzo and Wood are the two left standing.

Darwin Barney, along with these bums and has-beens have been jettisoned.

I've got the 2016 calendar on my Christmas list.  Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be able to look at its lineup, and hopefully, most of the players featured will be with the Cubs for a while.


  1. I would bet you'll see Lester, Arrieta, Castro, Fowler, Bryant, Schwarber, Soler, Rizzo, Montero, Rondon, Hendricks and wild card Maddon. If not Maddon then maybe Coghlin.

  2. On local sports radio the other day they were discussing the 2016 Bears calendar. I guess they had a couple of guys (Tim Jennings & Jared Allen) who were sent packing early and a couple of others who won't find themselves associated with the Bears any longer as soon as the 2015 season is over.
    The calendar business is a tough business.