Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Card(s) from Reader Chad

Chad has been a long-time and loyal reader, and he's been very generous too.  Last week he sent me a Christmas card and some cards.

First, the Christmas card...and Merry Christmas to you!  Now the baseball cards.


Sandberg and Dawson from the 1993 Duracell sets.  Dawson was in series one and Ryno was in the second series.

From batteries to underwear....the 1993 Fruit of the Loom set.

From batteries to underwear to Smokey the Bear....Chad really sent me an eclectic group of cards!  These three came for a 31-card set issued by the Forest Service.   There were 16 cards on an American League sheet while the NL sheet held 15 cards.    Jody was the only Cub in the set and Chad was nice enough to send him my way.

There was one more card sent my way, but that card will get it's own post tomorrow.

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  1. Those are primo oddballs. I knew about the Duracell, but FOTL? The good ol' days when the licensing was tossed around like a bong at a frat party.