Friday, December 11, 2015

Barney's Back in the Bigs

Two days ago the Blue Jays announced that they have signed Darwin Barney to a one year major league contract.  The Jays had acquired Barney from the Dodgers in September when Devon Travis went down with a shoulder injury.  Since Travis isn't expect back until late May, Barney gives them a body to temporarily fill second base.

Good for Darwin!  I thought his big league career was over, but it looks like he may have at least a couple more months left, maybe more.

Will he get a Topps card next year?

I'm sure he won't be in Series One.  Two may be possible.  Update may be his best bet if he sticks with Toronto the entire season.

Will I collect his cards if he gets any?

I don't think so...maybe....I don't know.

My original plan was to do only Cubs cards.  That's the way I'm still leaning, but I'm also wavering a bit.  I guess I'll have to see an actual card of him with another team before I make a final decision.



  1. I always do the same thing when a player I like leaves Pittsburgh. At the last second I would always talk myself out of purchasing a card.

  2. It is also very possible that Topps puts Barney in a 'buyback' card. I would also see a scenario where they get him into a Heritage Minors or something obscure to fill material.