Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One More From Chad

Chad sent me battery cards, underwear cards, Smokey cards and this...

...blank card of Hugh Duffy.  Let the detective work begin!

First, did you know that Hugh Duffy is in the Hall of Fame?  He played for the Cubs (actually they were the White Stockings) in 1888 and 1889.  The bulk of his playing career was with Boston in the NL.  He later spent 8 years as a manager including two with the White Sox.

So question #1 would be....is this a Cubs card or a White Sox card.  He was 21 and 22 during his time with the Cubs.  He looks much older than that in the picture.

Based on this look at the Sox uniforms from 1911, we can establish that he is shown as the manager of the White Sox.  As an aside, the road uniform was the inspiration for the uniforms that Bill Veeck's teams used in the late '70s.

So we know that this is a Sox card, not a Cubs card.  On to question #2....where did the card come from?

I searched Ebay and was finally able to find this...

...from the 1948 Exhibit Hall of Fame set.  Someone decided to take a pair of scissors to the original and cut off the borders, leaving me with the card that Chad sent me.

I wonder what inspired the snip job?

Snipped or not, Cubs or not, its still and interesting card.  Thanks Chad!

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  1. I'm sure some young collector wanted to stuff this in his normal nine-pocket pages. At least, that's something I would have done as a kid anyway.