Monday, December 14, 2015

Hey Heyward!


This was a big surprise.  A very good big surprise.

I really didn't think the Cubs were really even in the hunt.  And yet they sign the guy for less than what either the Cardinals or Nationals offered.  Again, wow.

Several random thoughts about signing:

  • Not only do the Cubs have a serious upgrade in center field, but the Cardinals now have a hole to fill.  Adding to your team while taking away from a division rival, win, win!
  • Hayward is just 26.  He's the same age as Anthony Rizzo.  As good as he's been, he can still get better, for several years.
  • The lineup got younger and stronger.  
  • Players want to play for the Cubs, good players.  I think they see the team as one on the rise.  I also think Joe Maddon is a big factor.  Players want to be on his team.
  • I'm still nervous about the starting pitching.  While the starting lineup is pretty young, the starters are not.  I'm worried about an old arm or two blowing out during the season.  With Hayward, the Cubs can trade Soler or Baez for a young arm.
  • The 2016 season should be very interesting!


  1. I'm worried that the front office is worried about the starting pitching like you are. I hope they don't trade Soler for pitching and create a hole in the outfield during the process. I guess they could still plug Coghlan into that hole, but I REALLY like the projected starting lineup right now.

  2. I've heard - rumors as they are as I'm not at the GM meetings! - that the Cubs are still hunting an outfielder and a starter. I've heard it thrown around they are looking at the A's for a deal that includes Billy Burns and Sonny Gray, sending Soler and prospects out west in return (Vogelsbach? Baez? McKinney again?)
    I've also heard about the Cubs poking around the Indians about some of their starters (Salazar, Bauer, Carrasco), as well as the Rays and their pile of injured and B- rotation guys, and some of the more far fetched deals had Sale coming over for Soler or Baez and draft picks. All rumors, but not in recent memory (Soriano might be the only time) can I recall an offseason where the Cubs were players and not just shifting everyone to the left one spot. Exciting!