Saturday, December 12, 2015

So Long, Starlin

It.s been a few days since the Cubs sent Starlin Castro to the Yankees.  They didn't get much in return, but they did free up some salary that was used to sign Ben Zobrist.  Ultimately the question is: Are the Cubs better off with Castro or Zobrist?  For me, its pretty obvious that Zobrist is the better choice.

So its so long, Starlin.

He showed so much promise as a 20-year-old in 2010.  He and Rizzo were going to be the new faces of the franchise.  He was signed to a long-term contract.

And he never matured.

Instead, he was traded.

I didn't dislike Castro, but I was growing tired of his mental lapses.  I'm not shedding any tears over his departure.

Though with the Cubs for just six seasons, I've got more Castro cards in my collection (205) than I do of Ron Santo (93), Fergie Jenkins (89), Greg Maddux (163), and Derrek Lee (148).  For a couple years it seemed like Topps put Castro into every regular and insert set.  Over 200 cards of a player that wasn't part of a player collection seems crazy.

The pictures are a bit small, but here's a look at all 205 Starlin Castro cards in my collection.


  1. That is a ton of Castro for not having an official player collection. I'm happy for him that he's now in New York. The magnifying glass will be larger playing for the Yankees, but he needed a fresh start.

  2. I'm right with on your feelings about Starlin. Best of luck to him in the Bronx.