Thursday, December 17, 2015

2000 and 2001 Starting Lineup Cubs

We're reaching the end of the line(up) today, with the final two years of Starting Lineup.  

The 2000 version included 37 players, but just one Cub...

...good 'ol Sammy.  There was also a special version put out with Pacific cards, and it to just featured...

....Sammy.  Starting Lineup was getting pretty boring with their choice of players.

The final year of Starting Lineup, 2001, saw 36 players.  Stuck in a Sammy rut, guess which player was the only Cub...

...of course.    Notice the logo change on the card.  It looks like they were going for a Starting Lienup reboot.  But the change didn't catch on and the product line came to an end.

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