Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Filling in Some Barney Gaps

With no more new cards being made for my Darwin Barney collection, I've been spending my time (and money!) filling in some holes and adding to some rainbows.

Today I've got a card from 2103:

This is the yellow printing plate from the mini set.  The printing plates are all 1/1.  It's a nice companion piece to this:

the yellow printing plate from the base set.  Apparently yellow in my new thing.

The printing plate is my 22nd version of Darwin's 2013 card.

Here's a look at all 22:


  1. Damn - I wish I was that close on my 2013 Gordon Beckham rainbow. I have yet to see a printing plate for the base or mini.

    Question though - 3rd row, to the right of the green foil: what is the difference between those two blues?

    1. The blue on the left is the sapphire version, on the right is the Silver Slate blue.

    2. Sapphire? WHAT THE HELL IS THE SAPPHIRE?!?! Is that akin to the Hope Diamond from 2011? And if so, why don't I see it on any checklist? Are they serialed?

      Lastly, why does it exist? Now I have another card to chase. Dammit....

    3. Shoot! It's from Update. Darn it!!! Considering I have NEVER seen the plates or the platinum, I have little faith I'll see the sapphire. :(

    4. ...and the sapphire is /25, so good luck with that! Are there many Beckham collectors out there? I know that I wasn't fighting with many other Barney collectors, so that made it a little easier for me.

  2. I think the purple Barneys have to be my favorites - it reminds me of a certain dinosaur...