Thursday, December 10, 2015

Filling in Some Barney Gaps Part 2

Today I've got another Barney card to fill in some more gaps.

This is the platinum version of the 2014 mini card.  It is a true 1/1.  I got both this one and yesterday's 1/1 printing plate from the same seller. Both cards were listed with a best offer option and he took my first offer.

The card is my fifth version of the mini card.  I believe that I now have all of the different mini parallels.  I don't often end up with a complete rainbow; the 1/1s usually are missing.  But not with this one!

The mini is also my 25th version of the card 2015 card.  The only other that I'd really like is the clear card.  That right now is my white whale.

Here are the 25 cards in their 5 x 5 symmetrical glory:


  1. Symmetrical glory is right! This math teacher totally approves!

  2. It is quite a collection going there. Makes you have to step back and wonder who, why or how Topps came to the conclusion that there needs to be this many parallels of one card. And your group is still missing plates and the clear, and I'm sure there are wood and titanium numbered to .05/1, too, only issued in special NASA packs that went to the International Space Station between March and May, 2013.