Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More of the DP Combo For Years to Come

This card comes from 2011 Bowman Sterling...

...and when it came out I was sure that this would be the Cubs Double Play Combo for years to come.  Years to come ended up being just 3½ years.  Barney's bat and Castro's head disappeared.

In 2011 I bought this version of the card....

which is /196.  I didn't realize until a month ago when I saw the gold version above that other parallels existed.  I picked up the gold two weeks ago for much less than I paid for the base version in 2011.  There is also a refractor (/99), black (/25), purple (/10), and red (1/1) out there.  I'll be trying for any of them that show up, provided the price is right.

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