Tuesday, December 15, 2015

P-Town Tom's Generosity

Fellow Cub fan Tom from Waiting 'Til Next Year is one of the most generous bloggers out there.  It seems like each day there is a post from someone showing  cards he has sent them.  Today it's my turn.

He sent me this beauty...

...of my favorite player Billy Williams.  This would be Billy in Scottsdale, the Cubs spring home, in 1969.  The patch on his right sleeve was worn only during the 1968 season and back then teams wore the previous season's unis the next spring.  New ones were broken out on opening day.

The card is a bit of a mystery, though.  We know it was given away by the Salt Lake City Bees, but when and why? A Triple-A team giving away Hall of Famers cards seems unusual, especially if the players on the cards have no connection to the team.  

The card has no copyright date on it, so we have no idea when it was given away by the Bees.  The best I could come up with was the mid-to-late 2000s,  based on the KJZZ logo on the card and when Bees games were televised by the station.

An internet search on the cards turned up nothing.  They're not listed in the Standard Guide either.

I know nothing about the card, but I'm happy to have it. Thanks Tom!

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  1. You're welcome! Hopefully you're readership can shed some light on the card.