Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Last Angels Post

I've got one final look at the Angels of 1972. Today its not the Topps photographer that is causing problems. its the Topps "artist." And I use the term "artist" very loosely!

By 1972 Topps was doctoring up hats of traded players to match them with their new teams instead of just airbrushing out the old logo. Their efforts were laughable, at best.

This card of Alan Foster is just bad, really bad. Why did they make the hat that light shade of blue instead of black?

And on this one of Paul Doyle Topps was using an older picture of Doyle, in which he was wearing an out of date hat. The Topps solution....paint the hat to match the new style. Of course, they got the color of the hat wrong again, but you don't expect perfection now do you??

Here is Nolan Ryan's first card as an Angel. They did get the color of the hat right this time, but...
...why are there pinstripes on the uniform? Oh, right, its a Mets uniform! If you take the time to paint the hat, why not get out some white paint and get rid of the pinstripes?

Shame on me; I'm expecting perfection again!


  1. Someone could almost have a blog just on Topps airbrushed cards. I guess they didn't put much effort in making them look good because baseball card collecting was considered a kid's hobby back then.

  2. I actually bought the painted color negative from Topps! It's one of my favorites.