Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Ginter Relic With Requisite Rant

Most of the hubbub about Ginter has died down by now, but not for me!

I've spouted enough about the Cubs relic nonsense, but just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...

....another Ginter relic rant!

Apparently nine Ginter Cubs relics that included a number of ex-Cubs wasn't enough.

Nope, there are ten.

Since I was buying all my relics from one source, I didn't pay much attention to the checklist.  I knew that Carlos Zambrano as a Cub was on the list, and that disgusted me.  Topps wanted to really disgust me because there are two Zambrano relics.  Not two different jersey types on the same card; no, its two distinct cards.

This is the one I had AGR-CZ

And this is Zambrano II, AGR-CZA.  Two different pictures, two different numbers.

Zambrano isn't very good any more, he missed the last six weeks of the season last year because he's a head case, he gets traded during the winter...and Topps sees fit to give him two distinct cards.  That, my friends, is messed up!!

Finally, since I know you want to see what ten Cubbie relic cards look like, here you go


  1. Hopefully, the Cubs will soon have a roster as memorable as the late 60's but with a WS win. Topps will still have more Yanks & RedSox cards in every set though.

  2. Nice collection. I got 8 of them. I only bothered getting 1 Big Z card, even though I saw there were two, and I have not been able to find a Ryno card. I saw a couple go through eBay right after release. Even though I new it was a dreaded SP, I thought I could get one for a little bit more (like I did with the Castro relic SP) but there have only been about 5 sold on eBay total, and not one listed right now (the last one sold for over $40.00).

  3. I got lucky and picked up the Sandberg within a couple days of Ginter's release, and got it for a much cheaper price than what they're going for today!