Saturday, August 4, 2012

Odd Sized Ernies

I've added a couple new cards to my Ernie Banks collection and neither are the standard 2½" x 3 ½ " sized cards.

Here's a real new one....a box loader from Ginter 2012.  It measures 3½" by 2 7/8".  The picture is a pretty standard Ernie Banks shot that we've seen....


My other new card is much bigger and it's got a picture I've never seen before.

The card is a reprint of cards given away in 1960 in conjunction with the TV program Home Run Derby.  It measures 3¼" by 5¼". The originals from '60 are very rare and very expensive.  The Standard Catalog lists a price of $700 for a near-mint Ernie Banks.  The reprints are from 1988 and don't cost $700!

I couldn't find a clip of Ernie's appearance on the show, but here is Mickey Mantle vs. Harmon Killebrew.

The program host is Marc Scott.  The show was filmed during the winter of 1959-1960 at Wrigley Field in Los Angeles.  It aired in syndication from January 9 - July 2, 1960.  Ernie's first appearance was in episode 3, when he fell to Mickey Mantle.  He returned in episode 23 and  beat Gil Hodges.  Coming back as champion for episode 24, Mr. Cub fell to Jackie Jensen.  He prize winnings totals $4,500 which was pretty good money back then.


  1. One thing about Home Run Derby that stands out to me is how uncomfortable the players seem talking on camera. Today's players are so much more polished media-wise. That being said the show featured some awesome sluggers.

  2. And on a sobering note.... I'm old and remember watching the shows when the first aired. :-(

  3. Paul,
    You're always welcome (and so is anyone else) to check out my Banks Master Set on the PSA Set Registry. Here's the link:

    If you click on any photo it'll show up larger; clicking on the left or right side of the photo will bring you to the next photo. Clicking on "trptjoe's sets" will get you to the rest of my collection. Banks (from 1954-1979), Cubs Team Cards and early Kerry Wood and you have, essentially, my entire collection.