Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bad to Worse

This season for the Cubs has gone from bad to worse....or maybe from really bad to horribly worse.

It never good when you have to make a card that shows a position player on the mound.  But on Monday night, after the Cubs gave up nine runs to the Brewers in the ninth inning, outfielder Joe Mather came in to get the final out.  His career ERA is 0.00.  Way to go Joe!

Recently acquired pitcher Alex Hinshaw started the ninth inning and gave up five runs without recording an out.  His ERA with the Cubs is now 135.00.  It will remain there as the Cubs designated him assignment yesterday.  Lendy Castillo took over for Hinshaw and was able to get two outs, but he also gave up four runs.  The rookie's ERA is now 10.64.

But thanks to Joe Mather, the final out was recorded and the final score was 15-4.

The last Cub position player to take the mound prior to Mather was Gary Gaetti in 1999.  He gave up two runs in an inning of work, but did record a strikeout too.

Before Gaetti.....

Doug Dascenzo pitched four times over a two year span and was even shown on a card pitching.  That's the real deal, not one of my homemade jobs.

Being a Cub fan leads to some interesting dichotomies....There are six months during which you can hardly wait for the season to begin...and a few months into the season you can hardly wait for it to end!


  1. Nice job on the Mather. I made one as well for my custom set and plan on making a record breaker edition for Barney as well. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a picture of Hinshaw to use during his short stint with the team.

    1. I've got a Barney record breaker made up too...I used the 1979 card as a template. In fact, I hit the wrong button last night and accidentally posted it...and then scrambled to take it back down. If he makes it error-free tonight, it goes up tomorrow.

    2. Awesome, can't wait to see it. Mine is my 2012 team set template but I'm trying to finalize a "record breaker" logo. I figure either way, he broke Sandberg's team record of 90 games so I'll make the card. Will just adjust the wording depending on the actual record he breaks.