Monday, August 27, 2012

Sometimes, Reprints Are Just Fine

Earlier in the month I showed a recent Ernie Banks pickup...

....this Ernie Banks Home Run Derby card.  My new card isn't an original, its a reprint.  It set me back a few bucks.

A few days ago, an original showed up on Ebay.  Its a graded card, but only a PSA 3. It's listed as a Buy It Now.  I guess the owner didn't want to take his chances with an auction.  And how much is a card in Very Good condition listed for?

Just a mere $679.  That's 679 dollars, not six dollars and 79 cents.  That's more that what you'll pay for a PSA6 of his 1954 rookie card.

And that's why I am happy to stick with a reprint!

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