Thursday, July 29, 2021

2021 Gypsy Queen Inserts Cubs

 There are just two regular insert sets in this year's Gypsy Queen.  Each set has one Cub player, the same player in both.

This set is called Captain and it has 30 cards.  The intent was to feature the "captain" of each team.  But three of the players on the checklist were traded. Rather than give the trading team a new captain, Topps put the traded players with their new team.  So the Cardinals (Nolan Arenado), Mets (Francisco Lindor), and Nationals (Josh Bell) got two players in the set while the Rockies, Indians, and Pirates have none.

Also, the cards are describes as being "Mini" and by looking at scan you'd think the cards are tobacco card sized.  Nope.  They have a height of the usual 3½" height, but have a narrower width of 1 7/8".  They should be described as mini. A better word would be skinny.

Kris Bryant was also in the "Tarot of the Diamond" set.  With just 22 cards in the set, I'm glad that at least one Cub player was included.

There is also a chrome insert set, but I consider that more of a parallel than a separate insert set.  I don't do parallels any more, so I didn't get the five Cubs that were included.


  1. Didn't know about that Captain insert set. I like it... especially since Laureano represents the A's and Tatis the Padres.

  2. Um, yeah... I don't know about Bryant being captain of the Cubs. I'd pick maybe 4 guys ahead of him for that title. Rizzo for sure and probably Heyward, Contreras (definitely trending that way) and maybe even Baez. What's your take?

    1. Contreras seems to be the take charge guy right now.